Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hmmmm--blogger has changed

I used to be able to add several pix here, but I seem to be limited to two per post

Challenge 10 was sent in by mom with the final as it was a collective page, she can post that. Here is my Final challenge-a card and matching envelope

Wow...How time flies!

I seem to have dropped the ball on this poor blog for this season of ADSR....sorry about that!

You can find my Gallery here....

and here are the latest pages for the Amazing Digi Scrappin Race, Season 5-which is over this week and the final challenge has been given. Sad to see it go, it helps my scrappin mojo with ideas and inspiration!

challenge 9

challenge 11

Monday, March 8, 2010

Gigi's Challenge #9

Challenge #9 was given to us from Oscraps. We are to choose opposite sides of the color wheel. I chose green so my partner will choose a more red tone. We are to use 'paint' and something about Creativity is. Here is my submission. My Grandson and some neighbor boys were doing their own kind of Olympics for my camera! This depicts them on an upside down claw foot tub - their bobsled. It was a lot of fun. We were given a list of things to use.

The Key to Creatifity is having FUN!

from Great Grandma Mary

Challenge #8

SOMEDAY I will sail around the world - loving life
My page for Challenge 8

(while I was on vacation in Cancun!)

Gigi's Challenge #6

I am amazing myself with my silliness! I just realized I had forgotten to post Challenge #6! Well, forgive me that these are now out-of-order. No matter (teehee) here it is.

This One is for Me
The challenge came from Scrappitydoodah as a Block. Which means only one of the team members can complete a page. I don't care for Blocks. It is fun when we both can participate. I used Gypsy Couture kit. The top photo is me in Kindergarten and the bottom photo is me now.

from Great Grandma Mary

Friday, March 5, 2010

Gigi's Challenge #8

As we move into the eighth challenge my daughter (my team partner) is vacationing in Cancun. I am so jealous! Our challenge came from Elemental Scraps and it is to be titled Someday, have at least a line of journaling and use tone on tone paper.  Here is my submission: Someday I want to renew our Wedding Vows.

from: Great-Grandma Mary

Gigi's Challenge #7

The seventh challenge came to us from Scrap Orchard (one of my favorite sites). Their request was for us to showcase a Bucket List of 50 things that we want to do in our life, to accomplish.

This is the page I came up with:  A Bucket List - which is very full and I actually do hope I accomplish all these things.

from: Great-Grandma Mary

Gigi's Challenge #5

For our fifth challenge we we were directed by PrettyScrappy to make a layout with 6 items and with chocolate. I made a page of my Great-granddaughter and her Daddy

I like it because it is simple, sweet, and makes the point.
from Great-Grandma Mary

Chllenge #4 Intersection

An intersection collaboration is one where we each have to complete something and then place it together into one layout. We were to make an ATC about our partner and one about who we love. Here are mine: the two ATC's and the combined page...

Had fun with this one.

from: Great Grandma Mary

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We are already on our 4th challenge, it seems to be going by quickly this season...last year we just could not wait for them to post the new challenges! LOL

This challenge we were to create ATC's-there was a lot of criticism about the challenge. I feel that people were over thinking and worried that they had to fit in with the 'norm', but an ATC is all about YOU and your creativity!!

Here are my two cards, we were to each create one about the One I Love and one about our partner. Then we were to post them all together on one preview--Mom will add her post here and can put that part up with her cards, she created the preview. :)

ADSR is so much fun, I love to see all of the creativity at work!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gigi's Challenge 3

For Challenge 3 we were to 'color alter a photo' with selective coloring. It was requested that we write some journaling (at least 20 words) and highlight some of the journaled words. We also are required to include a date element.

I chose to write about Aging since I just had my 60th birthday. I can tell you I am not happy about turning 60. I'm not necessarily un-happy about it, but the time has flown by WAY too quickly and there are so many more things I want to do before I am not able to.  Ha - there are sooo many more photos to scrap!

I used Kathryn Balint - GrandmaRosesHats kit.

Journaling reads:
I turned 60 I am so not ready to be older. My daughter took my pic in Dec. for my birthday. I want to age gracefully and am trying to do so.
That's what the journaling reads - but that is an understatement! LOL.
Great-Grandma Mary

Gigi's Challenge 2

On Feb. 9th we were given the instructions for our next challenge "5 Things I Love" and I chose to scrap about the things I love in My World - of course, my 5 grown children.

We needed 5 photos, 5 fonts/alphas, 5 different elements that were the same type (I chose hearts), and a photo had to contain a number 5 (2 of mine do).

Here is my page for Challenge 2...

Great-Grandma Mary

Gigi's Challenge 1

Gigi (Great Grandma) is how I will refer to myself, if that is okay...... LOL!

Challenge One is a page Honoring/Introducing our Team-Partner so my page is about my daughter Rabecca. We were to 'lift' a page they had done previously and then 're-do' it using the same placements, number of elements and etc.

Here is the page I completed....

And here is the page she completed that I lifted:

Loving this so much!
Great-Grandma Mary

I am the Great Grama in this Twosome

I am the Great Grama in this twosome of crazy scrappers who are undertaking the ADSR5 Challenges this season.  My daughter Rabecca (aka Crazysquaw) and I did this last season as well (GrandsDestiney was our team name and you can still check out that blog). This season we have added another beautiful addition to our family so we are keeping the Grama part in our team name (now we are ScrapnGrams).

As this blog has been established by Rabecca there is no information in the profile that includes me. I thought it would be fitting for me to tell you a little about myself. I not only have two beautiful great-granddaughters, but I have a dozen wonderful grandchildren (who are all growing way too fast). My husband and I have 5 grown children whom we are so very proud of.

I love to scrap, both digitally and by hand, but I am also an artist. I paint in a variety of mediums and find it difficult to stick with just one. I am a photographer. I am an art curator. I am an art instructor. It is my plan, as much as is possible in my lifetime, to surround myself with art.  I have been able to accomplish that very well so far. I guess you could say I am a Happy Camper!

I hope you enjoy sharing our scrap pages along with us. We promise to 'do our best' and hope we go far in the competition this year.

Great-Grandma Mary

PS: Cheers to you Rabecca! Your pages are always beautiful and creative and I am looking forward to completing this competition side-by-side! I love you Girl!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Wow, Challenge 3 already!! The challenge can be found at Scrappers Online.

Here is my page for the is moving along! We were to use Selective Coloring, so I made my photo a sketch and then colored the shirt I am wearing.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

And here is my 2nd page of the week, for the challenge found at Digital Scrapbook Artisans Guild:

So Week One is underway and we are already one page 2 for the week! My, how time flies when you are having fun! LOL

Here is my page for the 1st Challenge at NDISB:

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Wahoo! It is that time of year again and Mom and I are SO excited and ready to get going!

Here is where we will share our pages and info about the Amazing Digital Scrapping Race, Season 5 :) It is a blast, not just the goodies and the possiblity of winning-but the scrapping and the challenges too!

We hope you will stop by from time to time, maybe join in on the race yourself (registration ends Sunday 1/31/10--here is the link for the info: ). We would also LOVE it if you left a comment, or even some loves and what you think about our creativity and addiction!

Hope to see you around!
Grama Becki and Great Grama Mary aka ScrapnGrams